February 2011 and time to demolish the shed before it fell down!

We decided to replace it with something far smaller and lay some paving at the end of the garden to make another place to sit to catch the morning sun. We cut back and pruned the buddleia and removed some ancient shrubs, levelled the garden and laid new turf, everything was completed in April and we had time to enjoy the unusually warm weather.

The great tits are nesting in the box on the left hand trellis and blue tits are nesting in the box on the front of the house, goldfinches make regular visits to the bird bath. The tadpoles from frogs and toads are doing well in the pond, but the extra light getting to the water has encouraged a lot of blanket weed again this year, not sure whether to try a biological blanket weed remover once the tadpoles are more mature.